1. Travel authorizations must be submitted at least one week prior to your planned trip. According to Accounting Services, if the authorization is not filled out prior to travel, you may not be covered by LSU insurance. This applies whether you are traveling out of state, out of the country or to another city in Louisiana. If you do not use the state authorized travel agent, you must have approval, in advance, from Donna K. Torres, the Executive Director of Accounting Services. Contact Brittany Juneau (578-4012) for more information.

2. Travelers must complete the internal travel approval form and the AS292 including all information requested on the forms. Copies of these forms are located under the mailboxes on the third floor of Johnston Hall. Both forms can also be found on the CCT webpage at :

CCT Travel Approval form
AS 292

In order to do this, you must contact the state travel agency and get an estimate for airfare (or rental car). Short's Travel can be reached at 888-846-6810

You will also need to estimate meals/lodging/mileage, etc. Information on state allowances can be found on the mini-travel cards or in PM-13

3. Travelers must get their supervisor to approve both the internal travel form and the AS292 authorization to travel form. Signed originals should be brought to Brittany Juneau. Only after your AS292 form has been approved are you authorized to purchase a ticket. In many cases, CCT will charge your airfare to the department account (please check before personally paying for your ticket).

REMEMBER: Save receipts for everything you expect to be reimbursed for!

4. Upon your return, bring all receipts to Brittany Juneau, 216 Johnston Hall to get reimbursed. All travel reimbursement requests should be submitted within 30 days of your return.

For additional information concerning travel procedures, please contact Brittany Juneau.