**Now available for film and television visual effects**

LSU's newest high performance computing cluster, SuperMike-II, offers 146 TFlops Peak Performance 440 compute node cluster running the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 operating system accessible over a 10G ethernet backbone. Each node contains two 8-Core SandyBridge Xeon 64-bit processors operating at a core frequency of 2.6 GHz with 32G of RAM. Fifty of the compute nodes also have two nVidia M2090 GPUs that provide an additional 66 Tflops total Peak performance.  

Leveraging industry advances in cloud computing, LSU offers the ability to run your images in a virtualized environment, spinning up nodes on demand that are an extension of your existing pipeline. VM security is provided by an open source package called tinc that creates a virtual private network for the nodes running your image. Storage is provided via a dedicated samba server that encrypts every file as it writes out. We offer customized assistance to help get your images running and to verify that your pipeline will work.

Call or email for pricing and details.
    Randy Dannenberg
    LSU CCT - Economic Development
    rdannenberg (at) cct.lsu.edu