The Red Stick International Animation Festival, now in its 7th year, is an exciting community event that converges the worlds of technology, art, entertainment and exploration. Though artists have always used the tools of their time, at no time since the Renaissance has there been a similar convergence of science and art.

The movement toward convergence highlights not only the new set of technical skills that artists employ, but likewise the artistic vision that scientists are embracing. The worlds of the artist and scientist are folding in on one another, and Baton Rouge is at a unique moment in time to embrace this sea of change, further it, and make it our own.

The Laboratory for Creative Arts & Technologies (LCAT) is an integral research facility within LSU’s Center for Computation & Technology, or CCT. The central functions of the lab’s efforts converge on a single purpose: to articulate discovery through the intersections of creativity, technology, and human expression. Discovery is not limited to scientific pursuits; it also is the language of art, music, and human interaction. The Red Stick Festival is designed to convey this by highlighting one of the most technically driven art forms available to everyone: animation.

For more information visit the Red Stick International Festival website.