Research activities at LSU’s Center for Computation & Technology (CCT) are organized into broad, interdisciplinary areas with research agendas that share expertise and technologies across traditional academic disciplines.

Focus Areas:

Core Computational Science includes faculty from the LSU Departments of Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Mathematics whose research focuses on the development of software, algorithms, and hardware to enable analysis of a broad array of complex problems on high-performance computers and across high-performance networks. Research groups in this area include scientific computing, distributed systems, computational mathematics, and visualization.

Coast to Cosmos houses research groups that model the complex physical world in which we live, with an emphasis on systems that can be simulated using computational fluid dynamic techniques. These research groups have common needs for advanced software to support large-scale simulations, collaborative tools to enable diverse sets of scientists to interact, and visualization and analysis tools to understand simulation results and compare results against experiments. This area includes faculty from LSU Departments of Physics & Astronomy, Mechanical Engineering, and Civil & Environmental Engineering modeling the collision of black holes, flow through porous media, and hurricane-related storm surges.

Cultural Computing concentrates on complex computational applications in the humanities, arts, business, and social sciences, exploring the intersection of technology and creativity, and how various technologies – e.g., digital audio, tangible devices, animation – can be effectively adopted by groups with broad-ranging goals. A major component of this effort is the AVATAR (Arts, Visualization, Advanced Technologies and Research) program whose focus is on further advancement of modern digital media environments. 

Material World promotes interactions among research groups in the computational fields of materials science, chemistry, and systems biology, all of which rely heavily on molecular dynamics and related numerical techniques. Current activity in this area involves faculty in the LSU Departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Physics & Astronomy, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, and Biology.

System Science and Engineering is a multi-departmental, interdisciplinary research program in advanced computer systems, with a concentration on hardware and software subsystems that advance quality properties of computers, in particular but not limited to high-performance computing. Research projects are conducted in computer architecture, operating systems, system area networks, compiler and runtime techniques and software, parallel programming models and languages, and secondary storage. The research projects are performed in part in the CCT’s Computer Systems Science and Engineering Laboratory.