Who We Are

An interdisciplinary research center at LSU. By uniting experts from diverse fields, ideas are disseminated to foster invention.

What We Do

We use high-performance computing and high-speed networks to conduct research in many different fields.

Disciplines We Touch

Science, mathematics, engineering, business, digital media, mass communication, art, music, humanities, and more.

Research At CCT 2019

NSF Awards LSU College of the Coast & Environment Researchers to Determine Climate Change Impacts on Florida Stone Crabs

September 08, 2021

Can Machine Learning Lead to Cleaner Water and More Energy-Efficient Ionic Separations? U.S. Department of Energy Invests $1.5M in LSU and Penn State Researchers Who Think So

September 29, 2021

The Delta Breathes: Mapping Carbon Along the Muddy Mississippi

October 01, 2021