The CCT views national and international contacts and collaborations as crucial for its research mission. To help facilitate these connections, CCT funds an active and flexible visitors program to bring expert faculty, researchers and students from around the world to interact with our focus areas.

At the CCT, guests play a vital role in the scientific and technological work of the center, and visits of several weeks or months are encouraged so guests can contribute fully to research programs at CCT and establish collaborative projects.

The CCT does not accept direct applications for its visitor program. The CCT staff member with whom a visitor would work must invite him or her to participate in this program.

While at CCT, guests are expected to involve themselves in the research projects of the CCT and to present seminars, lectures, tutorials and other activities as appropriate.

For more information on CCT’s Visitor Program, please contact Karen Jones at 225-578-0595 or kjones@cct.lsu.edu.