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I am consultant and researcher at the Center for Computation & Technology at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. I lead research projects in numerical relativity, relativistic astrophysics and community software engineering. I also consult LSU faculty and staff in questions of technology and software development. This includes efficient use of present IT infrastructure, as well as strategic planning with future trends in mind. To follow and understand the ever-increasing influence of digital technologies on society, future job markets and teaching methods is going to be even more than in the past essential for success. Communicating this to the next generation is one of my motivations to offer lectures at elementary schools, to train and mentor robotics teams at local schools, and to teach regular courses at LSU.

Projects and Collaborations

I am leading the Einstein Toolkit, which provides a complete, open-source, production-level infrastructure for general relativistic hydrodynamics, in large parts building upon the Cactus framework. It currently has more than 120 members from over 70 research groups world-wide.

In collaboration with the group of Roberto De Pietri I perform research on the evolution of single and binary neutron star systems. A gallery with pictures of that work can be found here. In contrast to the majority of the research in this field, we not only publish a general outline of used algorithms, methods and work-flows alongside scientific results. Instead, we ensure all of the used research software is open source, all of our input data is made public in a directly usable form, and all post-processing and analysis steps are also released as free software, making our research as much Open Science as possible.

Chemora (Computational Hierarchy for Engineering Model-Oriented Re-adjustable Applications) is a code generation and optimization framework. In simple terms, it enables efficient and hybrid computations to be generated from high level mathematical equations (including discretization, transcription to a programming language, and optimizations).


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