Colliding SPH Galaxies

Two galaxies pass at a speed of 1000km/s through a thin (5 10-28 g/cm3), hot (4 107) gas, which is a gas typical for the border regions of a galaxy cluster. They are on a face-on collision course, the simulation covers 1Gyr. On their path through the intra-cluster gas medium they loose gas due to so-called ram-pressure.

Computational Facts:
NBody/SPH simulation code based on Gadget 2.0 (Springel et al. 2005), using star formation description based on overdensity criteria. MPI parallel code required ca. 1 week of computation time on a 40 node opteron cluster (ca. 10.000 CPU hours).

Numerical Simulation: Wolfgang Kapferer
Visualization: Werner Benger, VISH

short animation sequence (animated gif,1.2M)