Pcommands Installation Guide and User Manual

pcommands customized command set for accessing petashare resources

General Information

The pcommands are customized unix-like command set for interacting with PetaShare resources.

Supported System

Currently supported platforms are Linux, Solaris, Macintosh, and AIX.


Installation of pcommands package is straightforward. To install pcommands follow the steps:
  1. Extract the content of pcommands-[version].tar.gz by running:
    $ tar xvfz pcommands-[version].tar.gz
  2. Go into the extracted 'pcommands-[version]' directory:
    $ cd 'pcommands-[version]'
  3. Run 'setup' script:
    $ ./setup
After a minute or two, pcommands installation should be finished successfully.

pcommands package comes with a default 'testuser' account. This account has many restrictions and can be used by all petafs users. One can use this account until obtains a private account. When a private account has been obtained, 'pchangeuser' command must be used to activate the account in that machine, and(or) to switch between existing account(s) and 'testuser' account. Before using this command, be sure that valid username and password had been obtained from PetaShare authorities.


Online Sites

Following sites are online right now:




pcommands are based on iRODS i-commands. The original Notes and Credits are located in pcommands-[version]/iRODS directory. Please refer to the iRODS and i-commands webpages for further information.

iRODS: http://www.irods.org
i-commands: https://www.irods.org/index.php/icommands