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Steven R. Brandt

CSC 1351

  • Grades:
    Final Project10%
    Final Exam Date: Wed., May 8 12:30pm - 2:30pm
  • Academic Integrity: No cheating will be tolerated. LSU Honor Code governs all work in this course. Unless indicated otherwise all assignments must be done only by the individual whose name appears on the document. You may discuss lab asignments with other students, however, your submission must be your own solution. Your instructor is authorized to give you help in completing the lab assignments. Any deviation from these guidelines will result to severe consequences (i.e. a zero on the assignment, possibly the course, and the appropriate authorities on campus will be notified).
  • Responsibility: Attendance is not taken, however quizes may be given at any time. Those who are not present for a quiz will receive a zero. Students are also expected to keep up with (1) what is posted on the website, (2) what is in Moodle, (3) all emails sent out from moodle, and (4) all materials presented in class. Finally, students are required to ensure that all their labs are submitted during lab time, that all student source code compiles and runs, passes the tester, and that all source files are submitted to Moodle. Code that does not compile can receive at most 30%.
  • Text: zyBooks: Java Concepts: Late Objects (3e)
    To get the book:
    1. Sign in or create an account at
    2. Enter zyBook code LSUCSC1351BrandtSpring2024
    3. Subscribe
  • Office:2035 DMC
  • Office Hours: Tuesdays, 2:00-3:00 (Zoom and DMC 2035), and Wednesdays 3:30-4:00. Zoom only.
  • My Zoom:"
  • Calendar: If you need to find a time to meet outside of office hours
  • Class time: 10:30-11:50 Tue / Thu
  • Class Room: PFT1100
  • Lab Time: Thursday, 4:30-7:20
  • Lab Room: PFT2324 and PFT2326
  • Email:
  • Grader: Sumit Dhungana
  • Cheat Sheet:Cheat Sheet
  • Windows Display Resolution: For some of you, the fonts in Netbeans on the lab machines may be too small. Here are some instructions on changing the resolution to make things work better.
  • Examples from class: examples/
  • Java Course Materials: CIOS
  • Java Visualizer You can run programs in the Java Visualizer and see what the program is doing and when. Try examples from class.
  • Practice: Coding Bat: Arrays: You should be able to complete all the following problems.
    1. Arrays: 1, 2, 3
    2. Inheritance: 1
  • Invite to Discord Server:
  • Final Project: The final project should be a program of each student's own design (most students create a game). The only requirements are:
    1. That each student writes 1000 or more lines of code.
    2. Each project contains a minimal amount of documentation, in the form of a text file, describing what the program does, how to run it, etc. This file does not count toward your lines of code requirement.
    3. The project is based on the BasicGraphics package (see link below). Students may contribute extensions to this package if needed.
  • Configuring Eclipse
  • Syllabus/Schedule
  • BasicGraphics zip ball This is a netbeans project that should help you write your own games.
  • Quizes:
  • Knowing This is Required
  • Optional: Lessons for Making Applets See directory