Praveenkumar Kondikoppa

PhD student
Department of Computer Science & Center for Computation and Technology
Louisiana State University

146-A Manship Research Facility, Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA, USA 70803
Emails: pkondi1 at or pkondi1 at
Tel: +1 (225) 578-8728

Advisor: Jay Park

    About me

I am a PhD candidate at the Department of Computer Science, Louisiana State University. My major advisor is Dr. Jay Park . I work for CRON project , 10Gbps emulation based testbed for high speed networking and cloud computing research (NSF award #0821741).

    Research Interests

  • Optimizing task scheduling in MapReduce framework.

  • Statistical model building and predictive analytics.

  • Developing scalable distributed applications based on MapReduce paradigm

    • Posters


    • Cyber-infrastructure for Reconfigurable Optical Networking Environment (CRON)

    • Modeling Busines Treds Based on Yelp Review Data

    • Integrating XGEM hardware emulator to CRON testbed
      The 10Gbps hardware network emulator or  XGEM is a precision test instrument for 10Gbps  Ethernet  emulation testing. CRON provides facility to use XGEM in any network topology. Researchers can emulate ethernet link parameters link delay, bandwidth, packet drop and jitter using Emulator

    • Autoconfiguration of Apache Hadoop in Pseudo-distributed mode.
      Apache Hadoop is an open source implementation of MapReduce framework. In this project,developed a bash script which configures Hadoop on a single machine i.e all the process like Jobtracker, Tasktracker, Datanode and Namenode will be running on a single host. It has been varified on ubuntu 10.04 and Sun-java 1.6
      • Download source code using command at terminal :

      • Extract archive
        tar -zxvf hadoop-

      • Run the script provided under hadoop-
    • Autoconfiguration of Apache Hadoop over cluster.
      In this project developed a bash script to configure Apache Hadoop over cluster. One of the node will be Jobtracker and all other nodes in the cluster will be Tasktrackers.
      • Download source code using command at terminal :

      • Extract archive
        tar -zxvf hadoop-

      • Run the script provided under hadoop-
    • Hadoop based AutoDock Vina Over cloud
      AutoDock Vina is a tool used for molecular docking. It is used as virtual screening tool for computer-aided drug discovery that calculates the binding affinity of a small molecule drug candidate to a target protein and greatly reduces the time and cost of suggesting new potential pharmaceuticals. In this project we developed Hadoop based Autodock Vina to run over cloud platform.

      • Publications

        Praveenkumar Kondikoppa, Chui-Hui Chui, Cheng Cui, Lin Xue,Georgi Stoyanov, Seung-Jong Park, "Optimization of MapReduce Task Scheduler for Distributed Clusters over High Speed Networks". ACM SIGCOMM workshop on Distributed Cloud Computing (ACM SIGCOMM DCC 2014)
        Praveenkumar Kondikoppa, Seung-Jong Park, "Modelling Business Treds Based on Yelp Review Data", Submitted to Yelp Data Challenge 2014 [pdf]
        Praveenkumar Kondikoppa,Shuju Bai,Nayong Kim,Tom Keyes,Joohyun Kim, Seung-Jong Park, "MapReduce-based RESTMD: Enabling Large-scale Sampling Tasks with Distributed HPC Systems". Peer reviewed,19th IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems, ICPADS 2013
        Praveenkumar Kondikoppa, Chui-Hui Chui, Cheng Cui, Lin Xue, Seung-Jong Park, "Network-Aware Scheduling of MapReduce Framework on Distributed Clusters over High Speed Networks", in proceedings of Workshop on Cloud Services and the 8th Open Cirrus Summit, ICAC 2012 [pdf].
        Praveenkumar Kondikoppa, Chui-Hui Chiu, Seung-Jong Park and Keesook Han, “MapReduce Performance in Federated Cloud Environments”, Journal of Springer High Performance Cloud Auditing and Applications 2013 [pdf]
        Lin Xue, Suman Kumar, Cheng Cui, Praveenkumar Kondikoppa, Chui-hui Chiu, Seung-Jong Park, "AFCD: An Approximated-Fair and Controlled-Delay Queuing for High Speed Networks", accepted in the 22nd IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks, ICCCN 2013.
        Cheng Cui, Lin Xue, Praveenkumar Kondikoppa, Chui-Hui Chui, Seung-Jong Park, "CRON: A 10Gbps Cyberinfrastructure Reconfigurable Optical Testbed for Large-Scale Scientific Discovery", submitted to 8th International ICST Conference on Testbeds and Research Infrastructures for the Development of Networks and Communities (TridentCom), 2012.
        Cheng Cui, Lin Xue, Chui-Hui Chui, Praveenkumar Kondikoppa, Seung-Jong Park,” Experimental Study of TCP Loss Synchronization over 10Gbps High Speed Networks”, submitted to ICC 2013.

        Source code for some of the projects

    • Comparing OLS,Ridge and Lasso Regressions for Predicting Boston Housing Price

    • Non paramatric regression P-Splines

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