Educational Background: M.S. Computer Science from University of Southern Mississippi, B.S. Computer Science from Southeastern Louisiana University.

I spent ten happy years as a faculty member and running the undergraduate portion of the Computer Science Department at LSU with nine full time instructors and six part time instructors and 25 graduate assistants working for the department through me. My involvment in the adminstrative areas of the undergraduate curriculum was in all aspects of course creation, scheduling, testing and teaching for the entire undergraduate department. I enjoy attending conferences across the country in Computational Science and Computer Science areas and visiting with past students at locations of IBM, Microsoft, Google, Apple, JPL and many other universities and national labs.

After 10 years in Computer Science the Center of Computation & Technology at LSU asked me to join them and create outreach, training and education programs for students. This evolved into becoming a high performance computing (HPC) and computational science advocate for the larger state community from K-12, community college as well as university level for faculty, staff and students.

My position at CCT allows me much leeway as I am tasked with working with faculty, staff and students to create outreach programs for the CCT, LSU and greater communities. This means that our faculty and research staff will come to me to help write the outreach portion of their grant proposals. Then when the proposal is funded they come back to me for my help in coordinating activities starting with curriculum development through working with our Events department to put on the events. It is still the person and their department's event, I just help so that others may use their time more efficiently.

Past events I have helped create and fund are Alice in Computationland, all of the HPC workshops and training before 2011, HPC Week including the workshop, Users' Symposium and the supporting workshop. I love to create, nurture and teach at these events.

Fall 2013 teaching

This fall of 2013 I am teaching "Computational Tools for Researchers and Scientists". This course is aimed at students from any discipline that are interested in tools that computational science research groups use. If you are planning to work in research for a summer, a semester or your lifetime these tools will help you.