Gabrielle Allen
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Spring 2009Video Game Design CSC470013+3
Spring 2009Honors Thesis Research HNRS39911
Fall 2009Honors Thesis Research HNRS39921
Fall 2009Video Game Design CSC4999/79993
Spring 2008Video Game Design CSC470014
Spring 2008Independent Research CSC39991
Fall 2007Independent Research CSC39991
Fall 2007 Video Game Design CSC4700 16
Fall 2007 Grid Computing CSC7700 13
Fall 2007 Numerical Methods for Fluid Dynamics HON4823 10
Summer 2007Independent Research CSC39991
Spring 2007 Numerical Methods CSC 226231
Fall 2006 Numerical Methods for Fluid Dynamics XD2/CSC4999
Spring 2006 Numerical Methods for Fluid Dynamics XD2/CSC4999
Fall 2005 Grid Computing CSC7700 9
Summer 2005 Resource Management CSC7999 6
Spring 2004 Grid Computing CSC7700 15

Links for Students

Independent Research

Students interested in carrying out independent research (CSC2999, CSC3999, CSC4999) with me have an opportunity to be involved in an ongoing research project at the Center for Computation & Technology. In these projects you will work closely with interdisciplinary teams of research staff, graduate and undergraduate students. Research projects are available in scientific computing, parallel computing, scientific visualization, high speed networks, collaborative toolkits, parallel toolkits, grid portals, performance analysis.

Past students:

Lectures, Tutorials and Short Courses

Lectures on Grid Computing and Grid Applications
Summer Grid Workshop
South Padre Island, June 26-30, 2006
1. Grid Intro and Fundamentals Review
2. Grid Applications

Lecture to Computer Science Freshmen
LSU, October 2005
Center for Computation & Technology

Black Sea Lectures on High Performance and Grid Computing
Kiten, May 2004
High Performance and Grid Computing