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Graduate Students

Archit Kulshrestha
PhD Candidate
Computer Science
Andrei Hutanu
PhD Candidate
Computer Science
Lei Jiang
PhD Candidate
Computer Science

Undergraduate Students

Andrew Davidson
Andrew is working on GPU programming with Shalini Venkataraman. Andrew has had a paper published at NCUR 2006, and spent Summer 2007 on an internship at UCDavis working with Prof John Owens on GPU programming for biological applications.
Tyler Barker
Computer Science
Tyler is working on the NSF ALPACA and Blue Waters projects, with Erik Schnetter and Jian Tao, to develop Eclipse tools for the Cactus Code.
Ana Buleu
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Ana has worked on data format and description problems with Shalini Venkataraman and Dr. Werner Benger. Ana presented her work on this at the NCUR 2007 meeting in California. More recently, Ana is developing the web pages for the soon-to-be-started CyberTools project on the LONI network.
Elena Caraba
Elena is working on projects with the Cactus Framework, and currently is working with collegues in the School of the Coast and Environment on Shrimp Modeling. Elena spent the summers of 2006 and 2007 working as an intern at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Elena presented a poster on visualization of black hole data at the NCUR 2006 meeting in North Carolina.
Razvan Carbunescu
Computer Science
Razvan is supervised by Dr. Mayank Tyagi and Yaakoub El-Khamra and is working on the Cactus CFD Project. Razvan presented his work at NCUR 2006 in North Carolina, and Louisiana Academy of Science (2007), and presented at NCUR 2007 in California. He has been recognized by the Department of Computer Science at LSU for his undergraduate research.
Alex Clary
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Alex is working on the SURA Coastal Ocean Observing and Prediction project. Currently he is improving the notification system for on-demand events, and translating all the Python scripts to Perl so that they will work on supercomputers which don't have Python installed, like the SURAgrid.
Irina Craciun
Irina is currently working on a mathematical research project with Prof Aksoylu. In 2006 she worked with Dr. Horst Beyer on problems relating to the stability of Kerr black holes. In 2006 she presented her black hole work at the NCUR 2006 undergraduate research meeting in North Carolina, and the associated paper was awarded the 2007 Ellinor H. Behre Prize in Science Writing (2nd prize) awarded by the LSU Chapter of Sigma Xi. In 2007 she presented a poster on her work at the Louisiana Academy of Science (2007).
Edwin Lee
Edwin is working on installing and testing Grid infrastructures.
John Lewis
Computer Science
John is working in the UCOMS project, primarily in developing the UCOMS portal. He has presented his work at Argonne National Laboratory (2006) and Louisiana Academy of Science (2007). He has been recognized for undergraduate research in the Department of Computer Science at LSU (2007). John is part of the LA-STEM program at LSU. In Summer 2007 John took part in a summer research program at the University of Wisconsin - Madison with a project titled "Empirical Study of Side Chain Cross-Peak Intensity Patterns".
Alex Nagelberg
Computer Science
Alex is now one of the longest CCT employees since he started working here during his time in a local high school. In Summer 2006 Alex had an internship at Argonne National Lab working on ZeptoOS. Alex was recognized for his undergraduate research by the Department of Computer Science at LSU (2007). In Summer 2007 Alex had an internship at Cardiff University working with Omer Rana and Andrew Harrison to develop Google Map modules for the Triana workflow environment.

Undergraduate Publications

Graduate Committee

Past Students

Feng Jiao, Masters in System Science (May 2009)
Improving Cactus Parallel I/O Performance Using the F5 Data Model and Data Compression
Dayong Huang, PhD Candidate, Computer Science
Dayong left LSU at the end of 2007 to take up a position working for Delicious.
Gayathri Namal, MSc Student, Computer Science (Fall 2007, Spring 2008)
Gayathri worked as a programmer in the SCOOP group.
Kevin Kolz, BSc Computer Science, 2008
Kevin spent Summer 2007 working at CCT on integrating SecondLife with some of our scientific applications at CCT. In Fall 2007 Kevin assisted in the CSC 3999 course on Video Game Design by configuring the lab visualization machines. In 2008 Kevin worked in the Advanced Visualization Lab administering the resources and developing a pedagocial environmental modeling lab in Second Life.

Dylan Stark, Masters in System Science, Computer Science (October 2007)
CCTK-O: an Ontology for the Cactus Computational Toolkit
Dylan worked for several years in the Cactus Group at CCT, particularly on developing ontological and metadata technologies.
(Dylan is now working on his PhD thesis in Thomas Sterlings research group.)

Prathyusha Akunuri, Master of Science, Electrical Engineering with IT Concentration (September 2007)
A Collaborative High Performance and Grid Computing Portal
Prathyusha worked for several years in the Portal group at CCT designing portals and helping to coordinate the group. Her thesis advisor was Prof Dan Katz.
(Prathyusha now has a position as an IT Analyst with the Louisiana Optical Network Initiative)

Santiago Pena, Masters in System Science (May 2007)
Outsourcing of Grid Computing
(After working on his Master's project, Santiago decided to switch over to pursuing a PhD in the Business School at LSU)
Xiaoxi Xu, Masters in System Science (April 2007)
A Collaborative Science Portal for High Performance Computing
Rakesh Yadav, Masters in System Science (November 2006)
Integration of GIS with Coastal Simulations for Real-world Applications
(Rakesh currently works as a software engineer at Google)
Sasanka Madiraju, Masters in System Science (April 2006)
Performance Profiling with Cactus Benchmarks
(Sasanka currently works at Microsoft)
Chongjie Zhang, Masters in System Science (March 2006)
A Grid-enabled Science Portal for Collaborative Coastal Modeling
(Chongjie is currently a PhD student at the University of Massachusetts)
Chirag Dekate, Masters in System Science (December 2004)
Cyber Infrastructure for Coastal Modelinga>
(Chirag is currently a PhD student at LSU with Prof Thomas Sterling)
Archit Kulshrestha, Masters in System Science (October 2004)
Designing APIs for Grid Technologies
(Archit is currently the Grid Coordinator at CCT and a PhD student in Computer Science at LSU)
Josh Abadie, BSc Computer Science (Fall 2006)
Josh worked in the Cactus group, primarily supervised by Yaakoub El-Khamra.
(Josh is currently a system administrator for the HPC systems at LSU)
Richard Guidry, BSc Computer Science
Richard worked in the Cactus group, primarily supervised by Yaakoub El-Khamra, prototyping the integration of Cactus with the Eclipse package in a project called Mojave described in this presentation and poster.
(Richard is currently a graduate student in the Computer Science department working at CCT on the Agincourt language.)
Jeff DeReus, Undergraduate, Computer Science
Jeff worked in the Cactus group, primarily supervised by Yaakoub El-Khamra.
(Jeff is currently continuing his undergraduate studies at the University of Iowa)
Joseph Paul Manjooran, Masters, Industrial Engineering (Fall 2005)
Joseph worked in the Portals teams at CCT while pursing his Masters in Industrial Engineering at LSU, developing serveral portlets for the Cactus framework such as a parameter file comparison tool.
(Jacob currently works for a consulting firm in Texas)
  Arun Nayar, Masters, Industrial Engineering (Spring 2005)
A Study of Distributed Clustering of Vector Time Series on the Grid by Task Farming