The following are procedures and policies developed in order to help your meetings and a/v events flow smoothly. Please pay attention specifically to the scheduling policy as it may determine rather or not your meeting will be prepared for when you want.

Table of Contents

Access Grid Policies and Procedures

Using Meeting Maker to Schedule AG Meetings

  • General Policies Regarding the Access Grid

    • In order to guarantee the availability of an Access Grid Operator for any Access Grid event, A/V support must recieve notification at least 24 hours in advance of any meeting. Otherwise, except for in cases of emergency, your AG event will not be hosted.

    • While every attempt will be made to have an Acess Grid operator available for every meeting, in the event that meetings overlap, an Access Grid operator will be assigned on a first come first serve basis.

    • It remains the responsibility of the meeting organizer to arrange scheduling with other sites. It is not the responsibility of the Access Grid operator to make initial contact or to schedule meetings at remote sites. Please keep this in mind when scheduling a meeting. If assistance is needed in providing contact numbers for remote sites, the Access Grid operator will make every available effort to provide this information to the meeting organizer.
    • It is up to the person scheduling the AG meeting on Meeting Maker to add 30 minutes both before and after their scheduled meeting time. This gives the AG Operator time to test and setup the meeting without interrupting one already scheduled

    • When scheduling an AG meeting on Meeting Maker, remember to invite both the room you want to have the meeting in and the Access Grid. This will assure that you have an operator to host your Access Grid meeting

    • Please give an estimate to the number of participants that will be participating here at LSU so that microphone placing and camera angles can be adjusted accordingly

    • If this meeting is being initiated by someone at LSU please note this fact so that the AG operator can reserve a virtual venue to host the meeting

    • Do not assume that another University has access grid. Also make sure that those who will be joining offsite have an AG-Node reserved.

    • If no-one from this site will be present at a previously scheduled meeting, remember to cancel the meeting via Meeting Maker so that an AG Operator will not setup a meeting needlessly.

  • During an Access Grid Meeting

    • When participating in an Access Grid meeting, remember that you can never assume that audio or video is not being streamed. If you need to mute the audio for any reason, let your AG Operator know.

    • An AG Meeting by its nature is setup by the AG Operator in a way to facilitate the best collaboration between sites. Please remember this and sit close to the provided microphones.

    • Remember that cameras can only take in so much. When choosing your seat in the AG-Node, try and place yourself in the general view of a camera. The AG Operator will adjust the specific camera positions once the meeting begins.