CCT is responsible for maintaining a number of applications to aid researchers, professors, and students in the development and implementation of multimedia events. These include a large collection of resources for video-teleconferencing and for lecture and seminar taping.

Access Grid

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To schedule use of or to tour a CCT Access Grid location, contact the CCT IT Support Desk at +1 225 578-5890 or agn@cct.lsu.edu .

Leading the state, LSU has now joined the community of academic and corporate users of Access Grid computing.

CCT Access Grid nodes at LSU, a combination of physical and virtual space, are housed   in locations in both Johnston Hall and the Frey Computing Services Center.   Specifically designed to use high-end audio and visual technology to support meetings, these nodes link collaborative work sessions, seminars, lectures, tutorials and training taking place in many locations across the state, the country or the globe.

The Access Grid Web site at " http://www.accessgrid.org/ " defines a node as the "ensemble of resources that can be used to support human interaction across the grid." The grid, in computer lingo, is a collection of resources which can be simultaneously applied to a problem. The use of idle computing power on desktops across the country to aid in the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence is an example of a grid.

Participation is through the Access Grid site, which has set the standards for equipment and technical specifications. Supported by The National Computational Science Alliance, http://access.ncsa.uiuc.edu/, the AG group provides tutorials, writes the supporting applications and provides support for access grid members.

Access Grid Policies and Procedures

Audio/Video Information

Audio/Video Equipment List

  • Teleconferencing Equipment
    • Sony EVI-D100 Video Camera
    • Shure MX692 Wireless Boundary Microphone
    • Shure UC1 Lapel Microphone
    • Polycom VSX 7000
    • >Sanyo HD Pro Wide Projector
  • Other Equipment
    • Cannon Digital Rebel XT Still Camera

Audio/Video Policies and Procedures