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Armed with a creative idea, a thorough plan, an office in the business incubator and a clever name, the students behind no app.ologies, LLC are quickly gaining real-world experience before tossing their graduation caps.

After training in iOS application development at a boot camp hosted by the Center for Computation and Technology, a group of students decided to continue their work with the creation of a full-fledged business.

General studies senior Timmy Meighan, economics and sociology senior Rebecca Pearson and University of Central Florida philosophy student Derrick Hoenig form the core of the company.

In the works for 16 months, no app.ologies aims to develop original apps for commercial and consumer use, including games and informational app.

"This is a new, emerging market," Meighan said. "We don't know who has made mistakes in what areas, so we're playing around trying to turn ideas into products."

Meighan serves as the company's CEO and concept artist. Pearson is COO and organizes meetings and public relations correspondence.

Pearson said No App.ologies has already received requests for commercial apps and is currently working with a local high school's National Honors Society on a tourism app for competition.

Meighan said they are also creating an app called King Fisher, a blind fishing game that's in the demo phase.

"Basically, it's like all the things you can think of in a fishing game, but it's geared for people who can't see," he said. "It's functional for ... people who can and can't see, but it utilizes a lot of sound and vibration."

Pearson said they aren't making money yet from developments, as both the NHS app and King Fisher will be free.

"We want to prove our worth," she said. "We're in the business of getting it done and getting products in the working stage."

Juggling a business and schoolwork can be a challenge, but Meighan said the company allows them to work at more convenient times.

"It is difficult," he said. "But it's a technological atmosphere, so you can do your work at different times. You can do it at 2:00 in the morning because you're not clocking in."



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