(Source:  Baton Rouge Business Report)

After attending a two-week summer boot camp hosted by the LSU Center for Computation & Technology to train students in iOS application development, a group of LSU students has formed a company called No App.ologies. A first of its kind at LSU, the boot camp targeted the transition from portable, medium-scale computing to mobile computing, a change considered inevitable in the industry as new technology is developed. The company is the creation of Timmy Meighan, CEO, and Rebecca Pearson, COO, both students in the LSU College of Humanities & Social Sciences. It will focus on the creation of original iPhone apps. Other members of the company are College of Engineering student James Ramsey IV and Derrick Hoenig, the latter a graduate of the University of Central Florida, who will provide artistic assistance. No App.ologies is currently developing two apps. One is for a local high school's National Honor Society; for the other, they are teaming up with an LSU organization. The company aims to have these completed by December, with a third app already under way. More information about the startup can be found here.

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