LSU student teams won third and fourth place in a programming competition on February 19 hosted by Deloitte Consulting of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The teams wrote problem-solving software programs during a four-hour period as they competed for bragging rights and prizes.  Eighteen teams from Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi participated.

Deloitte Consulting’s Hattiesburg office, a software engineering institute, is an onshore facility for developing high-quality software and delivering IT services.  The programming competition allows participants to demonstrate their problem solving, programming, and teamwork skills and is a workforce recruitment tool for Deloitte. This year Deloitte is reportedly hiring 25 students.

Isaac and Kathy Traxler, both staff members of the LSU Center for Computation & Technology (CCT), coached the LSU team.  Members included Jeremy Meador, Philip LeBlanc, Keaton Robinson, Austin Howick, Tyler Longwell, Chris McKnight, McKendon LaFleur, Tung Le, and Kenny Barron.  

Team member McKendon LaFleur said “I participate in programming contests because I think it’s fun, and it's important to me to apply the things I learn in the classroom; application is key to me.”

“LaFleur is absolutely correct that these programming contests allow students to test their classroom skills on real-life programming problems.  It's an important step in preparing students for the workforce and their careers,” said CCT Director Joel E. Tohline.  “I applaud the LSU programming teams, and I'd like to encourage more students to get involved and represent LSU in the ACM Regional Competition in November and, perhaps, the ACM World Finals.”

To learn how to get involved in LSU programming teams, contact Isaac Traxler at traxler@lsu.edu .

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