(Source:  The Advocate)

The LSU Advanced Networking Lab, or LANET, has developed a new cyber infrastructure environment to bridge the gap between physical networks and large-scale scientific discovery, according to an LSU news release.

The new-age system called “CRON,” short for Cyber infrastructure of Reconfigurable Optical Networking, can provide multiple virtual networking test beds consisting of routers, delay links and high-end workstations operating up to 10 gigabytes per second bandwidth.

“CRON will give application developers and networking researchers the ability to use virtual high-speed networks and computing environments without much technical knowledge,” said Seung-Jong Park, associate professor of LSU’s Department of Computer Science and the Center for Computation & Technology, or CCT.

LSU’s state-of-the-art computer data network, connected to LONI, or the Louisiana Optical Network Initiative, and national cyber-backbones like Internet2 and the National Lambda Rail, provides high-speed connectivity to research communities, allowing them to handle very large amounts of data critical to a variety of disciplines.

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