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Google announced Thursday that LSU’s Center for Computation & Technology, or CCT, has been selected to serve as a host organization for its Summer of Code program.

This move was made possible by the efforts of the Systems Technology, Emergent Parallelism and Algorithm Research, group or STE||AR.

“Google’s decision to support our group recognizes the importance of our research in the area of distributed parallel computing,” Hartmut Kaiser, senior research scientist with CCT said in a statement. “This technology has the potential to transform the way we program and run applications today, and to massively increase the possible parallelism and thus the efficiency of our codes.”

The Summer of Code program provides financial support to student developers as they write code for open source software projects over a three-month period.

“We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to work with bright, self-motivated students from all over the world,” Adrian Serio, the scientific program coordinator for the STE||AR Group said in a statement. “This program not only provides open source projects like HPX a chance to accomplish some of our project goals, but also provides student participants the ability to partake in the cutting edge computer science development happening here at LSU and elsewhere around the globe.”

Student interested in the program should visit the group’s Summer of Code page for project ideas and application instructions.

The deadline for application is March 21.

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