The LSU Center for Computation & Technology, or CCT, recently held it's 10th Year  Celebration event, an event which highlighted the Center's recent and future activities and collaborations from its birth in 2001 as "LSU CAPITAL" to the vibrant center for interdisciplinary computational research, training, and economic development.

The all day event, held on October 26, 2011, highlighted computational mathematics, blackhole research, parallel computer architectures, the future of hardware, material science, digital media and tangibles, and economic development, to name a few. An official statement was also issued from Gov. Bobby Jindal giving special recognition to the CCT in acknowledgement of their 10th Anniversary.  

LSU faculty, staff and students were encouraged to participate in the sessions to learn more about the CCT's activities.

"We want to emphasize that the CCT strives to enhance the broad computational and technological capabilities of research groups across LSU and the State" said Joel E. Tohline, director of the LSU CCT.

"We facilitate large multi-disciplinary collaborations, supporting efforts to target major funding opportunities at both the state and national levels. We also provide training for students, research staff, and faculty so that they can utilize available high-bandwidth optical networks, advanced hardware and software tools, and technological innovations to support forefront research and creative activities."

"We hope research groups across the campus took some time to visit with us at our 10th Year Celebration to see who we are, and to ask how we might engage with them."

There are various ways to get involved with the CCT. In addition to the Center's research enablement program, CCT hosts approximately 80 lectures and/or conferences & training workshops annually bringing world-class scholars, educators, executives and entrepreneurs to LSU and the Baton Rouge area to share their experience in and vision for the future in various disciplines. K-12 educational programs are also provided, promoting careers in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

For more information on the LSU CCT, visit: http://www.cct.lsu.edu/home. Or, to receive notices of the CCT's lectures, events and programs, send an email to events-request@cct.lsu.edu with subject "Subscribe" to subscribe to the events mailing list.

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