Technology, art and science will come together at next week’s Red Stick International Digital Festival, organized by LSU’s Center for Computation & Technology.

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In previous years, the fest has been purely focused on animation, but organizers recently expanded to include the full scope of digital media, which will include animation, maker fairs, experimental music concerts, digital art exhibits, game jams and other technology derived events and activities.

The festival will celebrate Louisiana’s achievements within technology, art and science, but is also meant to inspire the next generation to continue with that momentum and think outside the box.

Events vary by day, but will include symposiums on e-sports and video games, digital art shows and an immersive audio experience. The festival also includes three events where local creatives are encouraged to showcase their work.

One showcase is geared toward students, one toward local video game makers, and one toward anyone who wants to showcase a creative digital technology project, artwork or DIY creation. For a full event schedule, click here.

The Red Stick International Digital Festival will be April 24-28, mostly at LSU’s Digital Media Center. All events are free and open to the public.


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