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We can now announce the participants in the STE||AR Group’s 2015 Google Summer of Code! We are very proud to announce the names of those 5 students who this year will be funded by Google to work on projects for our group.

These recipients represent only a handful of the many excellent proposals that we had to choose from. For those unfamiliar with the program, the Google Summer of Code brings together ambitious students from around the world with open source developers by giving each mentoring organization funds to hire a set number of participants. Students then write proposals, which they submit to a mentoring organization, in hopes of having their work funded.

Below are the students who will be working with the STE||AR Group this summer listed with their mentors and their proposal abstracts:

  • Devang Bacharwar.  Mentor:  Patrica Grubel, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces.
  Proposal Abstract:  Performance analysis for high performance runtime is of great importance. This project aims at providing an integrated solution in HPX for creating databases and plots for performance counters related to:- AGAS, Parcel Layer, Thread Manager, LCOs, Characteristics of Localities, General Statistics using user defined input and output parameters and providing simple real time plots with a dashboard GUI and statistical inferences using statistical analysis.
  • Konstantin Kronfeldner. Mentor:  Thomas Heller, Friedrich Alexander University, Nuremberg.  Proposal Abstract:  An IO infrastructure for the LibGeoDecomp based on HPX, where multiple remote steerers and writers can register in order to implement In-Situ-Visualization and Live-Steering in a generic way.
  • Larry Xiao.  Mentor:  Andreas Schäfer; Friedrich Alexander University, Nuremberg. Proposal Abstract:
    Vectorization is imperative for writing highly efficient numerical kernels. The goal this project is to extend the already existing SIMD wrappers in LibFlatArray ( https://github.com/STEllAR-GROUP/libflatarray/blob/master/src/short_vec.hpp ) to further architectures (e.g. ARM NEON, Intel AVX512, Intel IMCI, CUDA etc.) and/or to extend the capabilities of these wrappers.ook forward to the great code we are sure to produce this summer!
  • Marcin Copik.  Mentor: Hartmut Kaiser; Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge. Proposal Abstract:
    Extend the HPX with the ability to run tasks based on C++ AMP kernel. The project is based on CLAMP, an open-source compiler providing the transformation method from AMP to OpenCL kernel.
  • Nidhi Makhijani. Mentor:  Agustín Bergé. Proposal Abstract:  Revise the existing thread subsystem of HPX with an executor-resource manager module so that we have more fine grain control with respect to locality and other resource management choices.
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