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Dr. Q. Jim Chen, P.E., associate professor, has been selected as the CSRS Distinguished Professor in Coastal Engineering at LSU. 

The professorship is the result of a $180,000 pledge from the firm to assist in recruiting and retaining faculty for the LSU Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering. The CSRS Distinguished Professorship in Coastal Engineering was the first gift established to support faculty for the new Coastal Engineering program at LSU.

The Coastal Engineering program at LSU was developed in response to the increased emphasis placed statewide on the continuous threat of coastal flooding, erosion of Louisiana's barrier islands and loss of coastal wetlands along Louisiana’s unique estuaries and shorelines. 

“CSRS is very pleased and committed to helping LSU initiate this unique and promising program aimed at the development of engineering systems and processes for coastal restoration. It is encouraging to note that Dr. Chen will be leading the effort to educate those choosing to pursue a career in coastal protection and restoration engineering,” said CSRS Principal Ronald Rodi, P.E. 

“These accolades are well deserved for an outstanding academic leader and innovative researcher dedicated to pushing the boundaries in coastal protection and restoration engineering both here at LSU and statewide,” said College of Engineering Dean Richard Koubek.

Before joining LSU, Chen had been on the civil engineering and marine science faculty at the University of South Alabama. He conducted postdoctoral research at the University of Delaware’s Center for Applied Coastal Research, and doctoral research at Old Dominion University and Danish Hydraulic Institute. He specializes in the development and application of numerical models for coastal hydrodynamics and near shore processes, including surface waves, wave induced near shore circulation, storm surges, estuarine circulation, and sediment transport.

In 2011, Chen was named the Principal Investigator of a $1.35 million award for LSU to develop the Northern Gulf Coastal Hazards Collaboratory (NG-CHC). Funded by the National Science Foundation, researchers in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama are leveraging their unique partnerships, proximity, and significant prior investments in cyberinfrastructure to advance science and engineering of coastal hazards of the Northern Gulf Coast. This consortium is aimed to catalyze collaborative research via enhanced cyberinfrastructure that will potentially address problems such as engineering design, coastal system response, and risk management of coastal hazards; and to enhance the research competitiveness of the Gulf region.


Article excerpted from Kimberlie Wessman, CSRS, Inc.

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