CCT Weekly July 10- July 16, 2011

CCT Spotlight: Lance Porter

Lance Porter, Mary P. Pointdexter Professor of Mass Communication, is part of the Cultural Computing Focus Area at the CCT. He is from Natchez, Mississippi. Lance and his wife, Leslie, have two daughters, Shelby and Kate.

Lance is involved with the Digital Media Initiative in the Manship School and various eye-tracking projects. When asked why he does what he does, he said, "I love to write, think, create and collaborate."

To unwind, Lance likes to play tennis, travel, listen to music and watch sports. His favorite gadget is his iPad. Lance is currently in Paris, which is his favorite place to vacation. His three favorite movies are Raising Arizona, Godfather, and Rushmore. Lance enjoys reading books by J.D. Salinger and Cormac McCarthy. His favorite song is "Misunderstood" by Wilco.

An interesting fact about Lance is that he once shot a man just for snoring.

Lance's prescription for life is, "Live life in the present moment, and try to see the humor in everything."


Pats on the back:

•    Shawn Walker received an award from NSF titled "Numerical Methods for Free Boundary Problems: Two-Phase Flows and Contact Line Dynamics." The award is for $90,657 for three years.

•    Michael Neilan received an award from NSF titled "Novel Discretization Schemes for Fully Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations." The award is for $127,184 for three years.

•    Mayank Tyagi received an award from Shell titled "Offshore Oil Spill Scenarios Development."

•    Congrats to Werner Benger, Farid Harhad and Marcel Ritter for winning the 2011 CASC brochure cover competition.

 Please Note:

•    LSU CCT will host two onsite computational science courses being offered by the Virtual School of Computational Science and Engineering. The second course is “Proven Algorithmic Techniques for Many-core Processors” (August 15-19). Graduate students, post-docs and professionals from academia, government and industry can gain the skills they need to leverage the power of cutting-edge computational resources at these courses, which are being offered for a $100 per-course fee. Each course is one week long. For more information, visit http://www.vscse.org/.

•    LONI Technical Forum scheduled for July 18-19 at Pennington Biomedical Research Center is now accepting registrations.  Participation is FREE.  If you wish to suggest a topic for discussion, email Lonnie Leger at Lonnie@lsu.edu.  For more information, visit: http://www.cct.lsu.edu/LONIForum2011

•    The LSU Center for Computation & Technology will host for the first time the LSU iOS Application Boot Camp August 1-12 (10 day camp; not including weekends) on the LSU Campus. This new educational experience offers LSU undergraduates the opportunity to gain knowledge while enhancing their entrepreneurial spirit. Participants will work in groups to create their own operating App and have it loaded on their personal device by end of camp. Registration fee is $300. For more info and to register, visit http://www.cct.lsu.edu/iosbootcamp

•    Applications for the SC11 Student Volunteer Program are open and close on August 12, 2011. Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to apply as volunteers to help with the administration of the conference. In exchange for volunteering, they will receive complimentary conference registration, housing, and most meals. In addition, limited support will be provided for transportation expenses (such as airfare) for international students and students from groups that traditionally have been underrepresented in HPC. For more information visit http://sc11.supercomputing.org/?pg=studvol.html or email student-vols@info.supercomputing.org.

•    Prior approval is required for Special Meal Requests. Employees who make meal purchases without prior approvals may find that they must cover the cost of any monies spent for an unapproved event out of pocket, especially now that state funds are under a spending freeze.  Please contact Susie McGlone (susie@cct.lsu.edu) prior to any special meal with visitor(s) to file the appropriate request for approval.  Prior approval could take up to two weeks, so please plan accordingly.

•    Please remember to send your news concerning grants, awards, conferences, or other pertinent information to CCT Event Coordinator Jennifer Fontenot at jennifer@cct.lsu.edu

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Upcoming events:

May 30- July 29:  NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates
July 11-15:  Stop Motion Animation Summer Camp
July 12-15:  Petascale Programming Environments and Tools
July 18-22: Alice in Computation Land Summer Camp
July 18-19:  LONI Tech Forum
July 23- 27:  Workshop of Density Functional Theory
July 31- Aug 6:  Computational Thinking from a Parallel Perspective
August 1- 12:  iOS Boot Camp for LSU Undergraduates
August 9-11:  SIGGRAPH (Booth #841), Vancouver, Canada
August 15-19: Proven Algorithmic Techniques for Many-core Processors


Upcoming Grant Deadlines:
Note: Please check the CCT deadline Web site, since it is updated daily.
Software Infrastructure for Sustained Innovation (SI2)
July 18, 2011 10:00 am
At Most $ 1,000,000.00 available

Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program
July 23, 2011 10:00 am
At Least $ 400,000.00 available

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