CCT Weekly, February 7, 2012

Pats on the Back:
•    Susanne Brenner has been appointed to the editorial board of Numerical Algorithms: http://www.springer.com/computer/theoretical�computer�science/journal/11075?detailsPage=editorialBoard


Lectures This Week:

There will be a Computational Mathematics Seminar Series Lecture on “Solitary Wave Solutions as Inverse Problem” by Tchavdar Marinov, Southern University at New Orleans. The lecture will take place Tuesday, February 7 at 3:30 PM in 338 Johnston.

Please Note:

•    Registration for the Mardi Gras Conference -- Computational Materials & Biosystems (February 16-18, 2012) is FREE for grad students and postdocs! For more information & to register, http://www.cct.lsu.edu/mardigras2012.

•    CCT is updating the faculty, staff and postdoc directories on the website with professional LSU portraits. We are asking that all faculty, staff and postdocs (no graduate or undergraduate students) who do not already have one, go to the scheduled session below to take one. There is no need to schedule a date/time, just show up at University Relations' office during the given dates/times. It will only take 5-10 minutes per person.

University Relations ("Lakeshore House") is located near the Lod Cook Alumni Center on W. Lakeshore Dr., in between the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity and Kappa Delta Sorority. The photo studio is on the third floor, room 314. 

We ask that men wear a suit jacket/blazer with a tie and that women wear a suit jacket/blazer.

Available date:  Thursday, February 9th:  1:00- 4:00 pm


If you have any questions, contact Jennifer Fontenot (Jennifer@cct.lsu.edu).

•    On February 9th from 3:00pm-4:30pm in the LSU Student Union Capital Chamber Room, Equity, Diversity & Community Outreach and the Office of the Ombudsperson is pleased to announce the 6th Annual Spring Faculty Enrichment Series on: “Workplace Harmony: Creating Civil and Appreciative Cultures in Stressful Times,” which will feature experts speaking on the importance of creating civil work environments, working through differences and conflicts, and managing internal and external stressors from both an individual and collective perspective. This session is recommended for all faculty, staff, and graduate assistants and highly recommended for faculty and administrators with supervisory and/or human resource functions. For early registration, please visit: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SFES2012.

•    Prior approval is required for Special Meal Requests. Employees who make meal purchases without prior approvals may find that they must cover the cost of any monies spent for an unapproved event out of pocket. Dine-in restaurant meals are not allowed on LaCarte credit cards. Please contact Susie McGlone (susie@cct.lsu.edu) prior to any special meal with visitor(s) to file the appropriate request for approval. Prior approval could take up to two weeks, so please plan accordingly.

•    Please remember to send your news concerning grants, awards, conferences, or other pertinent information to CCT Event Coordinator Jennifer Fontenot at jennifer@cct.lsu.edu

•    Follow CCT with social media to access photos and see news, events or updated information. These pages are public; you do not need an account to view the information.  
o    Facebook group : LSU Center for Computation & Technology
o    Twitter :  LSUCCT
o    YouTube channel : LSUCCT

Interest groups:

•    MAG (Mobile App-Art-Action Group): Everyone interested in the potential for Mobile Apps is invited to come and add their vision for these revolutionary devices. Meetings are scheduled February 27th, March 26th and April 23rd, 5:00-6:00 pm For more information visit: http://www.cct.lsu.edu/MAG. Contact:  Jesse Allison (jtallison@lsu.edu)

•    GPU:  meets weekly (Wednesdays @ 2:30 pm in 338 Johnston) and encourages participation from anyone who would like to join in the discussions. Join the mailing list:  lasigma-gpu@loni.org. Contact:  Bhupender Thakur (bthakur@cct.lsu.edu)

Upcoming events:
February 8:  Training: HPC User Environment
February 13-16:  Training: LONI HPC Workshop
February 16-18:  Mardi Gras Conference: Computational Materials & Biosystems Conference
February 25-29: Symposium on Principles & Practice of Parallel Programming
February 25-29: Symposium on High Performance Computer Architecture
February 29:  Training: Intro to Eclipse Parallel Tool Platform

Thru March 1: REU-Computational Sciences accepting entries
Thru March 1: REU-Materials science accepting entries
March 10:  Laptop Orchestra of Louisiana premiering "Perception"
April 15-17: Symposium on Laptop Ensembles & Orchestras

June 4-10:  Red Stick International Animation Festival

July 9-13:  Beowulf Boot Camp for High School Teachers & Students


Upcoming Grant Deadlines:
Please check the CCT deadline Web site, since it is updated daily.


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