CCT Weekly, April 10, 2012

CCT in the News:
LSU Professor Wins IBM Faculty Award
  LSU Office of Communications & University Relations
Please Note:

•    The CCT Industry Partnership Building Crawfish Boil will take place April 26 at 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM...MARK YOUR CALENDAR! This event includes ALL CCT personnel (staff, faculty, researchers, grad and undergrad students).  If you have industry colleagues you wish to invite, please send Karen Jones (kjones@ lsu.edu) their names/email address/addresses. Please see details below:
    •    RSVP deadline: April 20th. Email susie@cct.lsu.edu or call (225)578-7340
 (Please confirm crawfish, hotdog, or vegetarian burger)
    •    You can purchase tickets for your guest(s)
at the following costs(includes beer or soda):
    ◦    Crawfish $19.75 pp
    ◦    Veggie Burgers or Hot dogs $3.00 pp
    ◦    Make checks payable to the LSU Foundation and
deliver to 309 Johnston Hall
•    Prior approval is required for Special Meal Requests. Employees who make meal purchases without prior approvals may find that they must cover the cost of any monies spent for an unapproved event out of pocket. Dine-in restaurant meals are not allowed on LaCarte credit cards. Please contact Susie McGlone (susie@cct.lsu.edu) prior to any special meal with visitor(s) to file the appropriate request for approval. Prior approval could take up to two weeks, so please plan accordingly.

•    Please remember to send your news concerning grants, awards, conferences, or other pertinent information to CCT Event Coordinator Jennifer Fontenot at jennifer@cct.lsu.edu

•    Follow CCT with social media to access photos and see news, events or updated information. These pages are public; you do not need an account to view the information.  
o    Facebook group : LSU Center for Computation & Technology
o    Twitter :  LSUCCT
o    YouTube channel : LSUCCT

Interest groups:
•    MAG (Mobile App-Art-Action Group): Everyone interested in the potential for Mobile Apps is invited to come and add their vision for these revolutionary devices. Meetings are scheduled April 23rd, 5:00-6:00 pm For more information visit: http://www.cct.lsu.edu/MAG
o    Contact:  Jesse Allison (jtallison@lsu.edu)


Upcoming events:

April 15-17: Symposium on Laptop Ensembles & Orchestras 

April 18:  HPC Training:  Introduction to Octave

April 25:  HPC Training:  Data Graphics with Gnuplot

June 4-10:  Red Stick International Animation Festival

June 18-22:  Alice in Computation Land Summer Camp

July 9-13:  Beowulf Boot Camp for High School Teachers & Students


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