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BATON ROUGE – Students have an opportunity to gain valuable work experience as part of the Google Summer of Code program at the LSU Center for Computation and Technology in Baton Rouge this summer. Selected applicants will be paid to work on open source projects in the Systems Technology, Emergent Parallelism and Algorithm Research, or STE||AR Group, at LSU for three months. Applications will be accepted from March 16-27, 2015. They will begin working with mentors at LSU on May 25, 2015.

“We’re very proud to announce that the STE||AR Group has been accepted as a mentoring organization for the Google Summer of Code program 2015. This year the program accepted 137 mentoring organizations, all of which are world leaders in open source development,” said Hartmut Kaiser, senior research scientist at the LSU Center for Computation and Technology.

Since its creation in 2005, Google’s Summer of Code, or GSoC, program has brought together more than 8,500 students from 101 countries to produce more than 50 million lines of code over a span of three months. Groups like STE||AR will be matched with students and will spend the summer developing solutions to a multitude of programming and coding projects.

The program offers opportunities for students to gain exposure to real-world software development scenarios and potential future employment as developers. STE||AR hopes to fund at least two students for the program this year.

In order to be selected for the program, students must submit a written proposal on a project they would like to work on. STE||AR is looking for student proposals involving extensions to existing library features, new distributed data structures and algorithms. Multiple competing proposals for the same project are welcome. Proposal ideas and formatting help can be found on the group’s website. However, STE||AR is seeking students who will go the extra mile and develop an outline with clear ideas after conducting their own initial background research and interacting with the community through the HPX email list.
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