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Welcome to Collaborative Think-Tanks: Fraternizing with an Enemy Never Looked so Good
Ivica Ico Bukvic, Virginia Tech
Assistant Professor, Music Department
Fred C. Frey Computing Services Center 307
April 27, 2010 - 11:30 am
Unlike traditional disciplinary boundaries, human curiosity encourages exploration of both the vertical (primary) and lateral (adjacent) fields. In the following presentation I will share personal collaborative experiences that have in many ways helped reinvent my research interests and expanded my lateral knowledge. These include innovative creative technologies, education, health, and gaming, and perhaps most importantly their applied impact on the society.
Speaker's Bio:
I like to think of myself as a composer, intermedia sculptor, researcher, and performer. My creations draw upon synergies among aural and visual, acoustic and electronic, interactive works and installations, while my research focuses on scientific exploration of pragmatic and artistic potential of new multimedia technologies in a pursuit of the overall betterment of quality of life. If I had to name one thing that ties all of my ostensibly eclectic creations and research vectors together, it would have to be the ubiquitous interactivity. I am currently working at Virginia Tech (VT) as an assistant professor in music composition & technology, founder and director of the new Digital Interactive Sound and Intermedia Studio (DISIS) and world's first Linux Laptop Orchestra (L2Ork), co-director and faculty in the new Collaborative for Creative Technologies in the Arts and Design (CCTAD) interdisciplinary program, as the first non-CS member of VT's Center for Human-Computer Interaction (CHCI), and as a faculty (by courtesy) in departments of Computer Science and Art & Art History.