lecture image Special Guest Lectures
Using openGR for Numerical Relativity Simulations
Paul Walter, University of Texas at Austin
(CCT ALPACA Postdoctoral candidate)
Nicholson Hall 201
February 21, 2008 - 11:30 am
Supercomputers such as Ranger, consisting of over 60,000 processors, help make this an exciting time for numerical relativity. openGR provides an open framework for doing large general relativistic simulations. Paul Walter will discuss the current status of openGR including matters of scaling and convergence tests. openGR was constructed for simulating the mergers of binary black holes, so he will discuss the progress towards that end.
Speaker's Bio:
Education University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas USA August 2002 - present Ph.D. Candidate, Physics, August 2002 (expected graduation date: August 2008) Research Experience University of Texas at Austin November, 2003 - present Numerical Relativity, modeling waveforms of binary black hole mergers. Teaching Experience University of Texas at Austin - Assistant Instructor June, 2004 - present