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Technology Enables: Composing as a Listener
Paul Rudy, University of Missouri
Johnston Hall 338
April 15, 2013 - 01:30 pm

In 2007, I began an odyssey through sound that has taken me well beyond “music”. With recent completion of my 7th CD in an electroacoustic composition series called “2012 Stories” this journey focused inwards towards a healing space of holism. Composition with technology has been one of the enablers of that journey, as it allows me to go deep into the sounds of the outer world around me, internalize and respond to them, and explore pure vibration in profound ways through deep listening and intuitive response. Over the past 7 years, technology has facilitated a shift from “composing as composer” to “composing as listener.” Now, the primacy of listening guides my intuitive process, as intellectual control assumes a balanced role of support. Sonic resonance of Mind, Body, and Spirit, become the primary objective of composing and performing for a holistic purpose well beyond just listening.

Speaker's Bio:

Paul Rudy (1962) is a Rome Prize (2010), Guggenheim (2008), Fulbright (1997) and Wurlitzer Foundation (2007 and 2009) Fellow. His music has won two Global Music Awards (2012 for Innovation in Sound and Mixing/Editing), the Sounds Electric ’07 Competition (Dublin), EMS Prize (Sweden), Citta di Udine (Prize ex aequo, Italy), and has received recognition and commissions from IMEB, Bourges (2008 commission), SEAMUS, Meet the Composer, the American Composer’s Forum, SCI, National Music Teacher’s Association. He is a Curators’ Professor at the University of Missouri at Kansas City Conservatory, where he received the 2008 Kauffman Award for Artistic Excellence. In 1994 he completed the Colorado Grand Slam after climbing all 54 of Colorado's 14,000 ft peaks. That goal completed, his current goal is to enjoy surfing the unknown and catch all the things he missed getting to all those summits. Recordings of his 6 CD series, 2012 Stories, are available on iTunes and at www.aucourantrecords.com. Group and private performance meditations, journeys and healing sessions are available upon request at Twistedtrail@paulrudy.com.  Please visit www.paulrudy.com.