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Teaching Computational Thinking Through MOBILIZE and the New Data Explosion
Odette Board, Los Angeles Unified School District
Curriculum Specialist
Johnston Hall 218
February 15, 2013 - 01:30 pm

MOBILIZE: Mobilizing for Innovative Computer Science Teaching and Learning is a Targeted Math and Science Partnership between the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) as the lead and the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) as the Core Partner school district. The Partnership promotes computational thinking, with an overarching goal of fostering inventiveness and innovation among students and teachers through increasing the computer science instructional capacity of high schools. MOBILIZE deploys challenging and engaging hands-on computer science projects and curricula using new participatory sensing technologies in high school mathematics and science courses. MOBILIZE prepares a large number of high school teachers to use inquiry teaching methods with the intent that technologies that are ubiquitous with students today, such as mobile phones, peak the interests of students and motivate them in ways that ultimately increases both students' achievement and their identities as "doers" of science, while enhancing the computer science knowledge and pedagogical acumen of teachers. MOBILIZE creates exciting, challenging, multi-disciplinary, real-life based, cutting-edge, hands-on inquiry projects, tools, and materials for teaching computer science concepts in high school computer science AND in standards-based mathematics and science classes.


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