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Spiraling into Decline: A Diachronic Study of an Enterprise Systems Project
Mike Newman, University of Manchester
Johnston Hall 338
April 29, 2010 - 01:00 pm
Our application of grounded theory as a qualitative data analysis method sheds light on understanding the complexities of information systems (IS) development. The establishment of concepts and categories from the data supports the multiple interpretations of stakeholders’ accounts of an emerging phenomenon. Thus this paper serves to contribute to the research on the application of grounded theory method in interpreting information systems events. The analysis of the longitudinal data shows that through time, the stakeholders’ perspectives on the project were declining and their arguments revolved around the notions of project structure, technology, task and people.
Speaker's Bio:
Michael Newman (BSc., MSc., PhD) is professor of Information Systems at the Manchester Accounting and Finance Group, Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, U.K. and is a visiting professor at Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration, Bergen. Since graduating with a PhD in MIS from the University of British Columbia in 1981, he has authored many academic articles in leading MIS and management journals in Europe and the U.S. including MISQ, ISR, JIT, JIS, JMS, AMIT, ISJ, EJOR, I&O, EJIS, IEEE, CAIS, OT&P, ACM - TOIS, and Omega. Professor Newman’s research focuses on the process of information systems development and he has conducted several empirical studies in a variety of organizations. Together with Kalle Lyytinen, he has developed a punctuated socio-technical process model. He currently serves on the editorial board of JIT. He has just finished a term as associate editor for MIS Quarterly. In 2005 he was appointed as AE for Information and Organization and in 2007 he was appointed the review board for JAIS. He has held visiting positions at the University of Connecticut, Florida International University, Georgia State University, CWRU, Cleveland, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, the University of Agder, Norway, the Free University, Amsterdam, and has just finished a term as MicroSoft visiting professor at Copenhagen Business School. Professor Newman has served as a track co-chair, doctoral consortium co-chair and program co-chair at the International Conference on Information Systems.
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