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Saving the Planet at the Speed of Light: Green Cyber Infrastructure
Bill St. Arnaud, CANARIE Inc.
Director Network Projects
Frey Computing Services 307
March 07, 2008 - 11:30 am
Speaker's Bio:
Bill St. Arnaud is Director of Network Projects for CANARIE Inc., an industry government consortium to promote and develop information highway technologies in Canada. At CANARIE, Bill St. Arnaud has been responsible for the coordination and implementation of Canada's next generation Internet initiative called CA*net II. More recently Bill St Arnaud is coordinating the CANARIE initiative to build the world's first national optical Internet network as announced in the February 1998 Budget. Previously Bill St. Arnaud was the President and founder of a network and software engineering firm called TSA ProForma Inc. TSA was a LAN/WAN software company that developed wide area network client/server systems for use primarily in the financial and information business fields in the Far East and the United States. In 1989 TSA was sold to business interests in Hong Kong and Toronto. Bill St. Arnaud is a frequent guest speaker at numerous conferences on the Internet and ATM networking and is a regular contributor to several networking magazines.