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Researching & Teaching Emergent Technology: A Case for Business Process Management and Service-Oriented Delivery
Richard Welke
CEPRIN Director, CIS Professor, GSU/RCB
CEBA 2145
February 24, 2006 - 10:30 am
In this talk Welke will focus on the research and teaching opportunities afforded by shifting our attention away from classical systems development, object orientation, ERP 'thinking' to business process management and modeling. His contention is that process/service provides a modern, business focused, not readily outsourced set of skills, tools, methods, that the community needs to adopt. Plus, it's inherently cross-disciplinary which makes it even more appealing.
Speaker's Bio:
Welke is Director of the Center for Process Innovation, professor and previous chair of the Computer Information Systems department at the Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University (Atlanta, GA) and Cor Wit research professor at Technical University Delft (The Netherlands). He has been working the field of information and communication technology since 1961. He has owned, managed and sold two CASE software development and consulting companies, one based in Canada and the other in the U.S. He has also been interim CIO at both Law Group and H.J. Russell and Company; both engineering consulting firms based in Atlanta, GA. Dr. Welke's prior academic appointments include McMaster University (Canada), Erasmus University (The Netherlands) and various visiting appointments around the world. Dr. Welke was a co-founder of the information systems' now-major academic organizations, including ICIS, the TIMS College on Information Systems, and IFIP WG 8.2 and served in various capacities within these organizations. During his tenure at Georgia State University, Dr. Welke co-founded the GeM (Global eManagement) EMBA consortium, a unique collaboration among the top business schools in Europe, Iceland and Mexico, and was the consortium's founding chairperson. He has had his research published in over fifty books, refereed journals and conference proceedings. He is the "godfather" of methodology engineering and his contributions to meta-modeling (OPRR) can be found in several commercial products sold today. Dr. Welke's current research is focused on IT-enabled service and process innovation.