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Process Improvements at a Cane Sugar Plant
Mullapudi Narendranath, The Andhra Sugars Limited, India
Managing Director
Digital Media Center Theatre
September 23, 2016 - 03:00 pm

Up to the 1960’s the Cane Sugar Industry stuck to old technologies at the various stations of the Cane Sugar Plant. Here is a case where a Cane Sugar Plant in Southern India adopted improved technologies and took to producing Co-Products using bi-products.

This Cane Sugar Plant started looking at new technological developments in the Water, Food Processing and Pharma Industries that could be used at the Cane Sugar Plant. Starting with Diffusion, Flotation Clarification of Primary Mill Juice, Low Turbulance Clarification of Juice, Juice Clarification in the Diffuser, Ejector Sulphutation and Bagasse Drying that improved efficiency of the process, steam & energy use and quality of the Sugar Produced.

To improve the Revenue of the Cane Sugar Plant this Cane Sugar Plant started Producing Various Co-Products at the Cane Sugar Plant. 


Speaker's Bio:

Mr. Mullapudi Narendranath served as a Director of The Andhra Sugars Limited beginning in 1983 and as Joint Managing Director since 1998. As Joint Managing Director, Mr. Narendranath is in-charge of the Three Sugar Plants of The Andhra Sugars Limited in the South Indian State of Andhra Pradesh.

Mr. Narendranath has been an Executive Committee Member of the Sugar Processing Research Institute (USA) & Sugar Technologists Inc. (USA). He has been on Technology Advisory Committees of several Agricultural Institutes and Industry Associations in India.

Mr. Narendranath has delivered keynote speeches and presentations at several Agriculture & Sugar Technology Workshops & Conferences around the globe. He also published several papers, won innovation awards for the research and development work in sugarcane and livestock production.

He was Awarded the Life Time Achievement Award by The Sugar Technologists’ Association of India in 2013 and the Living Legends Glorious Nandhi Award by the Ankush Foundation in 2016. 


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