lecture image Crazy Interdisciplinary Ideas Seminar Series
The Many Time Scales Problem
Mark Jarrell with co-speaker Michal Brylinski, LSU
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Johnston Hall 338
July 24, 2012 - 11:30 pm

The many time scales problem is characterized by the inability to evolve the equations of motion long enough to expose the functionality of the system under study.  However, space and time are equivalent, and in many areas of physics the many length scales problem is treated by effective medium theories.  I will discuss how to develop an effective medium theory in time and how to use it to calculate a renormalized model system in which the short time scales are integrated out.

Speaker's Bio:

Speaker Info:
Mark Jarrell is a many body theorist who has focused on the development of new computational formalisms, algorithms and codes to study correlated systems.

Co-Speaker Info:
Michal Brylinski is a computational biologist whose research focus is in the development and application of new computational approaches for systems, molecular and structural biology.