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LSU High Performance Computing
Dr. Shangli Ou, Louisiana State University
CCT and Department of Physics & Astronomy
Johnston Hall 338
September 10, 2007 - 03:00 pm
In modern scientific research, supercomputing is one of the most important tools that are likely lead to milestone breakthrough in various computational sciences. The High Performance Computing (HPC) group at Louisiana State University is dedicated to provide superior supercomputing resources to LSU researchers and students. Available computing resources includes IBM Power 575 machines and Linux clusters from different vendors (Dell, SGI and Apple) with most recent multi-core technology. These clusters, including Queenbee (the 23rd fastest supercomputer in the world), are funded through LSU and Louisiana Optical Network Initiative (LONI). In this talk, we will briefly introduce users to these computing resources and walk you through procedures of applying for accounts, allocations, and seeking for support and help from the LSU HPC team.