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Jamoma: A Diverse Ecosystem in Which Software Grows Organically
Timothy Place, Cycling 74
Research Engineer
Johnston Hall 338
February 20, 2013 - 01:30 pm
Jamoma is a post-disciplinary platform for real-time computation with an emphasis on artistic and creative outcomes.  It is used throughout the world in academic settings, industry research, and by independent artists and production companies.
From an anthropological perspective, the success of Jamoma as an open source project represents an unusual departure from the status quo.  The passionate users and developers of the Jamoma team are typically artists first and researchers or developers second.  While producing contributions to the research in the field, the expressive potentials of the Jamoma platform are truly revealed in the artistic output of its contributors.
Why has Jamoma been a success?  How has it gotten here?  Where is it going?


Speaker's Bio:
Timothy Place is currently designing software for Cycling '74, running Electrotap, creating interactive music and art, leading the open-source Jamoma project, building furniture with hand tools, enjoying time with his family, and riding thousands of miles on his bicycle. Through 74 Objects he takes on select consulting opportunities and continues to create interesting things.