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IntelliForest: a network-centric system for natural habitat monitoring
Pawel Lichocki
Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center
Johnston Hall 338
July 21, 2006 - 03:00 pm
Forests are the most complex ecosystems in the world. In the times of massively growing human impact on the environment, more and more people understand the need to protect them. Their devotion cannot be left without support. Considering this matter, we developed an idea of IntelliForest. It is a network-centric system, whose core is acomplex two-leveled sensor net called the IntelliNet. It works as a platform for gathering and sharing data about the state of the forest. The system may then be extended with the use of any of the wide range of so-called endpoints. Their integration is the key idea of IntelliForest. The most important endpoint is the Management System (database with dedicated interfacing application), which is capable of storing and analyzing data as well as processing user requests received over the Internet. A mobile endpoint called the LEAF (PDA with wireless communication modules) enables users to control the system on the spot. In my resentation I would like to say about system assumptions, problems encountered and solutions implemented, focusing on the IntelliNet (including IntelliNet network layers model and power consumption issues) and its integration with endpoints.
Speaker's Bio:
I was born on the 19th of October 1984. In 2003 I participated in Bogoliubov-Infeld Programme and visited the Joint Institution for Nuclear Research in Dubna. For almost three years I am a student at Poznan University of Technology (field of study: Computing Science). As a member of Students