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Hospitality Analytics: Maximize Customer Service and Firm Profits
Rohan Ashar, Revenue Management Solutions and Marco Benvenuti, Duetto
Business Education Complex Rotunda
April 28, 2015 - 01:00 pm

Speakers will share their experience in deploying advanced analytics to improve revenue management, price optimization, and customer service in both lodging and food and beverage sectors of the hospitality industry. They will address opportunities and challenges posed by cutting-edge technology, new data sources, and emerging best practices. The session will include presentations and an interactive discussion with the audience.

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Speaker's Bio:
Rohan Ashar - Vice President Research and Development
Revenue Management Solutions
Revenue Management Solutions (RMS) supports a robust suite of flexible data-driven solutions providing clients with a customized approach that considers the unique business environment and operational constraints that exist in every brand. Leveraging premier consulting services and patented methodology in the use of statistics and quantitative modeling for the restaurant and retail industries, RMS takes the guesswork out of crucial business decisions while optimizing gross profit and protecting brand value.
Marco Benvenuti - Co-Founder/Chief Analytics & Product Officer

Duetto delivers dynamic revenue strategy solutions to the world’s leading hotels and casinos through a modern cloud-based application that provides superior, actionable insight to drive healthy revenue and optimize profitability.