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Highly Collaborative Cyberinfrastructure for Grand Challenge Communities
Irene Qualters, National Science Foundation
Division Director of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure
Digital Media Center Theatre
July 30, 2014 - 05:15 pm

Ubiquity in mobile devices, social networks, sensors, advanced computing and instruments have created a complex data-rich environment ripe for new scientific and engineering advances. In this world of computational and data-enabled science and engineering, a dynamic yet cohesive cyberinfrastructure of technologies, services, and people, is fundamental to all aspects of the discovery process. This talk will focus on NSF's vision, strategy and support of collaborative cyberinfrastructure.

Speaker's Bio:

Irene Qualters is the Division Director of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure at the National Science Foundation. Prior to joining NSF in 2010, she spent over 25 years in technical and executive leadership roles within industry. Her experience spans startups to well-established companies with focus primarily on High Performance Computing (HPC) Software and Hardware (Cray, SGI) and Cyberinfrastructure for Research Scientists (Merck Research Labs). She has led large and small international teams. Her areas of expertise include parallelism and system architectures. She is particularly interested in innovative technologies and sustainable operating models for HPC.

This lecture has a reception @ 06:15 pm