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Grid Computing and a Services Economy - The Opportunity for Business Technologists
Mark Hicks
CEBA 1121
March 17, 2006 - 10:30 am
Millions are being invested to connect universities and governments with optical networking and grid technology, primarily for use in computer science and related fields such as bioinformatics. These investments have a "network effect" for business and economic development - providing an infrastructure for a services economy. The speaker will present a scenario for how this is likely to occur in Louisiana. This will establish the context for a technical explanation of how grid computing and business services are related, what skills and technologies will be necessary for the development of a services economy and the opportunity for business technologists.
Speaker's Bio:
Mark Hicks is a Senior Enablement Architect with ISV and Developer Relations, Software Group of IBM. He has 30 years experience designing, developing, marketing and selling software. His focus includes grid computing, Linux, Power architecture, portal and collaborative software and data center orchestration and provisioning. He also works with universities to promote open standards and on demand computing. Mark is located in Austin, Texas and you may contact him at .