lecture image Special Guest Lectures
The Eyes of Madame Tutli Putli
Jason Walker, Designer, Animator and Digital Compositor
Old State Capitol House Chamber
April 17, 2008 - 12:30 pm
Jason Walker, visual effects supervisor for the Oscar Nominated Short Film, Madame Tutli Putli, describes the process of making the haunting eyes of the characters of Madame Tutli Putli, that have garnered so much critical acclaim. REGISTRATION REQUIRED: See Redstick International Animation Festival's site for registration & fee information: redstickfestival.org
Speaker's Bio:
Jason Walker first began drawing at the age of 4 in his hometown of Nairn, Scotland. Encouraged to draw and paint by his mother, he worked and studied visual arts with great determination throughout his childhood. He has painted portraits of various celebrities, including the portrait of Wayne Gretzky for his induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame, and won an American Society of Portrait Artists� award in 1998. Jason created the stop-motion puppet show Tutli Putli, a system of separating and analyzing previously shot stop-motion puppet moves, then choreographing, rehearsing and shooting a human actor's corresponding "eye performance" to match each puppet move, at the same time recreating as closely as possible all light and shadow passes original to the stop-motion. He works as a designer, animator and digital compositor, and his work for national television has garnered three North American Broadcast Design Awards.