lecture image Computing the Arts & Humanities Lecture Series
Exploring the Edge: Interactive Art Endeavors
Bonnie Mitchell, Bowling Green State University
Associate Professor, School of Art, Digital Arts
Johnston Hall 338
November 02, 2006 - 03:00 pm
Bonnie Mitchell has been working with computer graphics and interactive techniques since the early 80s. In this talk, she will focus on the digital art work she has produced in the past 15 years which includes electronic installation art, digital images created using particle systems and 3D modeling, world-wide collaborative web art, and her recent animation in progress. Her creative process involves combining computer programming, 3D modeling, particles, abstract photography, animation, experimental audio and video. She strives to create environments that immerse and engage the viewer while provoking thought and evoking emotional responses from the participant.
Speaker's Bio:
Bonnie Mitchell is currently an Associate Professor at Bowling Green State University in the School of Art, Digital Arts, in Bowling Green, Ohio. She works with programming, particle systems, 3D geometric models, animation, photography, video, experimental music and compositing to create electronic installation art, digital images, experimental animations and Internet art projects. Her works explore experiential relationships between natural elements, psychological states and humanity. Ms. Mitchell is also very active in ACM SIGGRAPH