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Directions for C++0x
Bjarne Stroustrup
College of Engineering Chair Professor in Computer Science Texas A&M University
Johnston Hall 338
May 19, 2006 - 03:00 pm
A good programming language is far more than a simple collection of features. Stroustrup
Speaker's Bio:
Bjarne Stroustrup designed and implemented C++. Over the last decade, C++ has become the most widely used language supporting object-oriented programming by making abstraction techniques affordable and manageable for mainstream projects. Using C++ as his tool, Stroustrup has pioneered the use of object-oriented and generic programming techniques in application areas where efficiency is a premium; examples include general systems programming, switching, simulation, graphics, user-interfaces, embedded systems, and scientific computation. The influence of C++ and the ideas it popularized are clearly visible far beyond the C++ community. Languages including C, C#, Java, and Fortran99 provide features pioneered for mainstream use by C++, as do systems such as COM and CORBA. His book "The C++ Programming Language" (Addison-Wesley, first edition 1985, second edition 1991, third edition 1997, "special" edition 2000) is the most widely read book of its kind and has been translated into at least 19 languages. A later book, "The Design and Evolution of C++" (Addison-Wesley, 1994) broke new ground in the description of the way a programming language was shaped by ideas, ideals, problems, and practical constraints. In addition to his five books, Stroustrup has published more than a hundred academic and more popular papers. He took an active role in the creation of the ANSI/ISO standard for C++ and continues to work on the maintenance and revision of that standard. Dr. Stroustrup is the College of Engineering Chair Professor in Computer Science at Texas A&M University. He retains a link with AT&T Labs - Research as a member of the Information and Systems Software Research Lab. He was elected member of The National Academy of Engineering in 2004. He was given the IEEE Computer Society's 2004 Computer Entrepreneur Award and was awarded the 2005 William Procter Prize for Scientific Achievement from Sigma Xi (the scientific research society). He is an AT&T Bell Laboratories Fellow and an AT&T Fellow. He is actively involved in the ANSI/ISO standardization of C++. Recipient of the 1993 ACM Grace Murray Hopper award. ACM fellow. IEEE Fellow. Member of the Texas Academy of Medicine, Engineering, and Science.