lecture image CCT Colloquium Series
Cyberinfrastructure in Poland
Stanislaw Starzak, Technical University of Lodz
Johnston Hall 338
October 17, 2008 - 12:00 pm
The presentation describes briefly the history and a state of art of The Polish national academic networking and supercomputing infrastructure and organization.The main point is the role of the optical networking infrastucture ownership model in developing from scratch The Polish Optical Network PIONIER and its services oriented to universities and R&D labs. The Polish national ICT development programs PIONIER and PIONIER2 are described. The involvement of the PIONIER consortium, made of 21 academic MANs, in European GEANT2 network community initiatives is explained.The introduction to the next services development program PLATON is presented.
Speaker's Bio:
Dr Stanislaw Starzak got his MSc in Electronics and Control from The Technical University of Lodz in 1972. He received his PhD in Applied Math from The Technical University of Lodz in 1980. From 1995 to 2006 he was the Director of the University Computer Center and Metropolitan Area Network LODMAN. He is now the university's Chancellor. He is the vice president of the Polish National Network Consortium PIONIER.Dr. Starzak's research areas and lectures are in: Mathematical methods in Computer Science, Digital modelling and simulations, Probabilistic and stochastic modeling, Telecommunications, Networking, Optical Communications and Optical Networks.