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Crashcourse in Business of Television Animation
Raquel Benitez & Carmen Llanos, Comet Entertainment
Shaw Center for the Arts B253
April 16, 2008 - 09:00 am
In this workshop, Comet Entertainment's President, Raquel Benitez, & Carmen Llanos, head of production, offer a workshop on the minimum requirements for aspiring producers. Discussions will include intellectual property protection, contracts, copyright protection, proper solicitation techniques, and standard business practices. Required for anyone who wants to participate in the Red Stick Pitch! Contest on Friday afternoon. You must hold a Gold Pass to attend this event. REGISTRATION REQUIRED: See Redstick International Animation Festival's site for registration & fee information: redstickfestival.org
Speaker's Bio:
Raquel Benitez Rojas is the CEO of Comet Entertainment Inc. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree in arts and communications at Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Spain, with two master’s degrees and seven academic diplomas, Benitez worked in a variety of academic and professional positions worldwide. She has created animation for the Web, games and film. She has received praise for her work worldwide, and the books and software programs she has written are widely used in animation. Carmen Llanos is COO of Comet Entertainment Inc. She has a master’s degree in computer animation arts and has coordinated, produced and directed a variety of international projects in film, television, print, and online. Throughout her more than 10 years in the animation industry, Llanos has worked as an executive producer, creative director and instructor, and is the recipient of numerous industry awards.