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The Beauty of the One Pager: A One Day Development workshop with Barbara Slade
Barbara Slade, Development Executive, Walt Disney Development
Shaw Center for the Arts SOA1 - 2nd Floor
April 18, 2008 - 10:00 am
Selling a series these days is difficult. Budgets are down, competition is up, and Broadcasters have little time to wade through the sea of bibles that arrive on a daily basis. So how do you get your fantastic idea to stand out from the crowd, and how do you get them to read yours in that five minute "slot" before an important lunch meeting? "The Beauty of a One-Pager" is an intensive development workshop designed especially for our ever-changing industry. Barbara Slade (a writer and creator) is a firm believer in the art of 'hooking' a producer, investor or broadcaster with a strong, one page concept. Having recently sold an original live action series on 'one page', Barbara has become convinced that if you can't sell it in one, you're not going to sell it with twenty! In this fun, yet intensive workshop, participants will arrive with an idea, be carefully guided through the important stages of development, and leave with a solid concept, ready to write and take out into the market. Designed especially for writers, producers, and others working within the industry (as well as those who would like to be), this course will teach important skills in development, and at the same time, help participants bring a new (or old) idea to life! Topics will include: a. Finding the 'hook' - the key to any successful series b. Creating and developing your hero (s) - the centre of any successful series c. Building a strong, organic world d. Secondary characters that support your hero e. The important element of conflict f. Making sure the property has 'legs' and can sustain a long running series g. The stories - how to think 'out of the box' h. Solidifying the style and genre. REGISTRATION REQUIRED: See Redstick International Animation Festival's site for registration & fee information: redstickfestival.org
Speaker's Bio:
Barbara Slade is a development executive with Walt Disney Development. Slade currently lives in the United Kingdom and recently sold an original, live-action series. She has written story scripts for Rugrats, Angelina Ballerina, Rotten Ralph and other shows. She began her screenwriting career in London, where her first show, Brown Bear�s Wedding, aired on ITV on Christmas Day. It sold to the Disney Channel as well as most countries in Europe, and was nominated for five Emmy awards, including "Best Writer." Slade then returned to America, where she continued her career, penning award-winning screenplays and developing scripts for Nickelodeon, Disney, ABC and Fox. She has written features for both Working Title Films and Disney, and she received her first Humanitas award for an episode of Rugrats.